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northern lights holidays in finland

Our northern lights tour locations are in the very far north of Lapland.

Our 4 night Northern lights holidays run Monday to Friday, while our 3 night holiday runs Friday to Monday. Please read the following information on flights to make getting to and from us as seamless as possible.

Since making this page, Finnair have announced direct flights from London to Ivalo for this coming winter 2017-2018. That is awesome news for Brits, or if you are flying into the UK (from USA for example) for a connecting flight, then the direct flight is now a great option. More info here: These fit well for both our weekday and weekend tours. These flights are a day before our tours start, so you will need to stay a night in Ivalo, and we’ll collect you from whichever hotel you choose the next day.

More good news is that Norwegian have quite a few flights from Helsinki to Ivalo in the winter now too! And they are way cheaper than Finnair. So give them a look. It normally works out much cheaper to fly with Norwegian and even spend a night or two extra in a hotel than flying in one day with Finnair! Check out (the flight you need is Helsinki to Ivalo).

If you are flying to Finland from elsewhere in the world, nothing has changed. You will need to book your international flight to fly into Helsinki. Then get a short domestic flight from Helsinki to Ivalo.

We will pick you up from Ivalo airport (free of charge). Check out the flights at Booking early is advised! If you don’t book your international flight yet, I would recommend booking the Helsinki-Ivalo flight at least, as they sell out quite fast and the price hikes up as fewer seats remain.

For our AsgardValhalla and Utgard tours, it is recommended you should book Finnair flights 637. Both inbound and outbound. This applies to both weekday and weekend tours. All flight numbers are the same on both tours, just that on Friday if you have been on our 4 night tour, you are flying out on flight 637, while if you are just coming to start our 3 night holiday, you will be flying in on flight 637! After dropping off the weekday guests at midday on Friday, we wait at the airport for the incoming 3 night guests due to land at 12:45.

If flight 637 is fully booked (or prohibitively expensive), it is fine to get an earlier flight like flight 605 which lands in Ivalo at 11:35am. It just means you might have to wait for an hour at the airport as we may be waiting for guests on flight 637 which lands at 12:45. If everyone else is on flight 605, then we won’t have to wait and we can head off early.

Most of our tours are located quite a distance from the airport. Due to the distances and time involved driving, we can only make 1 trip to the airport (or Ivalo) per day (because for us it’s actually a 2 to 5 hour round trip to the airport!). So in order to qualify for our free airport collection, you must be at the airport (or in Ivalo) when we are there.

If it is not possible to make the recommended flight, consider flying into Helsinki or Ivalo a day early and staying in a hotel. If you stay in a hotel in Ivalo the night before, we can pick you up there instead of the airport. It’s actually quite common we do that, so it’s no problem whatsoever if you wish to do that. Just book it! Sometimes this is the best solution to fly into Ivalo a day early as the flights can be much cheaper and there is better availability.

If you are a large group, it may be possible to collect you on the later flight, so do email us and enquire.

Ivalo airport

When you arrive at Ivalo airport, there is no rush to get outside and meet us. It is a long drive back to your cottage (including the stop at the supermarket we make on the way so you can get some food/drink for your cottage). So feel free to go the bathroom in the airport and freshen up. We will be in the arrivals hall to greet you when you are ready.

Aurora guide waiting in Ivalo airport

We’ll be waiting in the main hall of Ivalo airport. Collect your luggage from conveyor then walk through to meet us.

Have a pleasant journey!
See you soon.

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