The #1 Tour Company in Lapland!

We are ranked #1 out of 100+ tour companies in Lapland on TripAdvisor. And have been for 3 years running. This year we even received a "Certificate of Excellence".

The most beautiful area of Lapland

Located on the most beautiful (and most northern) road in Finland, in the heart of the fells, we are on the banks of the river Tenojoki. On one side of the river is Finland, on the other side is Norway.

Our job is to get you under the aurora.

We take you out on 3 nights of dedicated aurora chasing in our minibus. We drive an average of 1000km per week!

Welcome to the North.

We are the most northern dedicated aurora company in the EU.

Deep in the heart of Reindeer territory

Sami, the native inhabitants of Lapland make up a very large part of the Utsjoki region. Sami are famous for their Reindeer husbandry, and as such there are more Reindeers here than people!

Welcome to the most northern dedicated aurora company in the EU.

We are the original northern lights holiday company. The multi-day aurora chasing holiday was conceived by us. It is our business model. When we came up with it a few years ago, selling direct to customers (you guys!) instead of through a 3rd party, we totally broke the mould of the travel industry.

We are the original, and we are still the best. For 3 years running we have been ranked the No.1 tour company in Lapland on Tripadvisor out of nearly 100 tour companies. Receiving the coveted "Certificate of Excellence", meaning we really are top drawer in the way we handle things and most importantly, the way we treat people. Feel free to read our reviews here

We started life as a northern lights information service. Providing aurora forecasts, news and help on seeing the northern lights wherever you are in the world. We have helped many thousands of people see northern lights for the first time, so it was a really natural transition from helping people all around the world see northern lights, to helping people come to us to see northern lights.

So now you can come and stay with us and go out aurora chasing PERSONALLY with us in the evenings. We have made some very special northern lights holidays indeed.

At the extreme northern latitudes of 69┬░ and 70┬░North, we go chasing the northern lights around officially the most northern towns in the EU. We also go into Norway and occasionally even to the Barent's Sea (Asgard and Utgard tours) where you simply cannot go any further north in continental Europe. Very few (if any) dedicated Northern Lights companies are this far north in Europe. Obviously because we are so far north, the chances of seeing the northern lights are considerably higher than most other areas of Lapland.

As we have been running our popular northern lights forecast website for some time, and due to our knowledge of the science behind auroras, we have been able to put together northern lights holidays that are a little bit special. We have hand picked EVERYTHING about our holidays from an aurora chasers perspective. From the locations, to the cottages, to the activities and everything in between. In fact, out of the most northern 4 towns in Finland we chase aurora around all 4 of them!! From the moment you step off the plane, we want to maximise your chances of seeing the northern lights.

So you are welcome to come and stay in one of our beautiful cottages in any of our 3 different tour locations (referred to as our Asgard, Valhalla and Utgard tours respectively). The holidays run for 4 nights/5 days Monday to Friday or you can choose our 3 nights/4 day holiday which run Friday to Monday. Or you could combine both for the ultimate 7 night aurora holiday!

There are many things that makes us different (and in our opinion better) than other northern lights holidays, but here is just a couple of them;

You get your own cottage (with sauna), with a separate fireplace where you can watch the northern lights at your leisure any time you like. As mentioned above, we were THE company who invented the multi-day aurora chasing cottage holiday. We believe most hotels aren't suitable for aurora chasers. You need to be able to run out in a moments notice, perhaps many times a night. It's a real pain getting dressed and undressed running in and out of a hotel. In our cottages, you can keep your boots and coat next to the door and you can run outside in under 30 seconds. This is a huge advantage.

We go out chasing the northern lights in our van each evening. We have all the very latest science data streaming into the van, including live solar wind data amongst other things. We know exactly when and where northern lights are appearing anywhere in Lapland. There is no mystery or guesswork with us, we have data from NASA and other space weather labs with all the information we need to see what's happening in near-Earth space. We also go the extra mile, literally. In fact we go an extra 100 miles than most other northern lights holidays. What that means is if it is cloudy or the northern lights activity appears weak, we will drive an hour or two to a more favourable viewing location. Standing in the same spot waiting for the northern lights to appear does work sometimes, especially at this latitude, but if the weather is against us, we will usually hit the road and try to find a break in the clouds. Again, this makes a huge difference and boosts your chances of seeing auroras greatly.

So if you like the sound of our northern lights tours and would like to come here chasing the lights with us, you are very welcome. Our tours are insanely popular and sell out very fast, so I cannot stress enough that you must try and book it as early as you possibly can. Just 100 euros secures your place.

I hope to see you under the northern lights soon. -Tony

For much more detailed information click the following links:

"Asgard" Aurora Holiday

Asgard is our original northern lights holiday located in the extreme north of Finland offering the absolute best chances of seeing northern lights.

"Utgard" Aurora Holiday

Utgard is our 3rd northern lights holiday. Out of the 4 northern most towns in Finland, we now run northern lights holidays from 3 of them!

"Valhalla" Aurora Holiday

Our Valhalla 5 Day/4 Nights aurora holiday. Chasing the Northern Lights around Finlands Arctic wilderness, from the border with Russia to the border of Norway and everywhere in between.

The Cottage(s)

The Cottage(s)
There was no way we were putting you in a hotel. It didn't even enter our mind. So we searched through thousands of cottages especially suited for aurora chasers, and eventually we struck gold. We hand picked these ourselves. They are a little bit special...

Getting Here

Getting Here
Flights aren't included in our tours. But we will pick you up and collect you fromt he airport for free. We have provided tons of information on flights, which airport to fly to, what flights to get etc..


Although we are concentrated on getting you under the aurora. Who says you can't have a bit of fun in the day times while you here :)