Northern Lights Weekend holiday (hotel)

Northern Lights Holiday Asgard

Northern lights holiday in Finland

Our Asgard Tours are our original dedicated northern lights chasing holiday in Utsjoki. We have been running our tours here since 2014. We have almost 800 amazing reviews on tripadvisor. We offer both cottage holidays in Utsjoki and also a hotel based northern lights holiday. This page is about our northern lights hotel holidays in Utsjoki. The hotel is located very close to the village center and is ideal for you to walk around the village, go and see the beautiful Utsjoki bridge and to walk to the various restaurants around the village. They are all a close 5-10 minute walk. There is a restaurant in the hotel itself so you don’t even have to leave the place if you just want to chill.

The hotel is situated in the most incredible location next to the Utsjoki river, with beautiful views of the river and the surrounding fells. It is the original hotel in Utsjoki and has a long history. Very traditional.

The rooms are spacious twin/double rooms with ensuite toilet and shower. Also a TV and work desk if you need it. But there are tons of seating areas in the hotel where yon can sit and work, read a book or relax.

Our awesome 4 night/5 day northern lights holidays run Monday to Friday or shorter 3 night/4 day northern lights holidays which run over the weekend. The 4 night and 3 night tours are exclusive of each other and can be booked in their own right whether you want to spend the week with us, or just have a quick weekend getaway. However, a lot of our guests fall in love with the place and say they wish they could have stayed here longer, so it is totally fine to book both 4 night and 3 night tours back to back to make a 7 night northern lights holiday if you so wished! Or book the hotel for the week and our cottages for the weekend. Its up to you!

The view from the hotel

We do everything from pick you up from the airport, take you to the hotel and then we will pick you up there for aurora chasing each night (and also any daytime activities you want to do). To keep our prices low, we haven’t included meals in the price. Because we wanted to let people to have the freedom of where and when they eat. There are 4 or 5 restaurants in Utsjoki so you could choose a different one each day. Some people skip breakfast entirely, so why pay for breakfast every day if you don’t eat it? We have always tried to keep our holidays low cost and not be crazy high prices like other Lapland holiday companies. This is one way we can do that. So when you get to the hotel, you can pay and order breakfasts if you want, you can buy lunch at lunch buffet there and you can buy from the ala carte menu in the evenings, or not. It’s really up to you. You could visit other restaurants in the area or if you are on a really low budget go the local supermarket and just buy sandwiches 🙂 

the view from hotel utsjoki

The view from the hotel restaurant.

Our Asgard tours in Utsjoki being at almost 70° North and surrounded by official wilderness areas means we have absolutely pristine clear skies with zero light pollution. Once you get this far north combined with being in these wilderness areas, your chances of seeing Northern Lights sky rocket compared to the big towns and cities in Lapland. This is statistically the best place in Finland (and the best place in the EU!) for Northern Lights.

Epic Northern lights flying above Lapland

Doesn’t get much better than this! What a night!

At the time of writing, we have 100% record for the current aurora season. Meaning every week since our tours started, we have seen northern lights. Yes some weeks it has been touch and go whether we would keep that record, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but with a slice of luck (and sometimes you need that) we have got an aurora show even right up to the last night. Some weeks we have epic northern lights every night of the week!

utsjoki hotel bedroom

One of the hotel rooms

It is a 2 hour drive to the nearest airport (which is Ivalo airport), but ask any of our thousands of guests over the years was the drive worth it and I am sure you will get a resounding YES. In fact, many of our guests come back year after year. Some of them have been coming every year since our inception in 2014! The beauty of being this far out is that it’s not touristy. You will see real Lapland as it lives and breaths. There are no gimmicks, no mass tourism and no false advertising. You’ll likely see Reindeer beside the road on the drive up here and even the occasional Moose. You get what we advertise, an amazing holiday, set in beautiful scenery on the periphery of civilisation. True peace and quiet.

Our Asgard tours in Utsjoki have won a certificate of excellence for almost 10 years straight on Tripadvisor. Indeed, we have been ranked #1 out of 250 tour companies in Lapland on Tripadvisor for almost a decade. If this is a once in a lifetime trip for you, why choose anyone else than the best?

Here is a video from one of our aurora tours, this was filmed on 3 nights of the same tour:
We can’t promise weeks are always that good 😉 but when the Earth weather and Space weather play ball, that really is what you can expect here.

Four people watching northern lights in lapland, finland

Another night under epic aurora.

Our motto “it’s all about the lights” has never been truer, because we hand picked every single thing about this northern lights holiday ourselves entirely from an aurora chasers perspective. It is 100% dedicated to Northern Lights and about maximising the chances of seeing them. We go chasing the lights to some of the most northern locations in Finland such as Utsjoki and Nuorgam. But we don’t stop there, we also cross the border into the Finnmark region of Norway and sometimes chase the northern lights even to the Barents Sea itself! We tap into our knowledge from running the aurora information service, and use all the tools we use for that (and many others we have at our disposal) to help get you under the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Our responsibility for you seeing northern lights is not just when we are driving round in the evening trying to find them. Our responsibility of helping you see Northern Lights begins when you step off the plane, until when you step back on it! So even if we are not with you at the time, we want to maximise your chances of seeing the lights! If we aren’t with you when the aurora kicks off (eg it’s 2am!), no worries, we send a whatsapp alert! You can also use the Whatsapp group to contact your guide if you have a problem or need anything.

Northern Lights Chasing

If the weather is not very good in Utsjoki, we’ll hit the road and try to find clear skies. Like we did here.

The number of people we take PER WEEK is usually around 12. This means even if we are fully booked, it’s just you and a few other aurora chasers for the entire week. We are a small company and we like small groups. Lets leave the huge groups of people and filling 50 seater coaches to the other Lapland towns cities. In Utsjoki, its all about peace and quiet.

With our cottage holidays, we usually require a minimum of two people. However with the hotel holidays, we are very happy to accept individual travellers! So if you want to come up here on your own, you are very weclome! We are all a very nice bunch and you will have a great time.


The 4 night aurora holiday is Monday to Friday. On the Monday afternoon when you arrive, we’ll pick you up from Ivalo airport (all the details on which airport to fly to, which flights to get and lots of other useful information is here). Depending on the road conditions, it is about a two hour drive back to the hotel through beautiful snow capped pine forests and past frozen lakes.

Before we get to the hotel, we’ll stop at the supermarket. This is for customers staying in the cottages to do a shop because they are self catering. But of course its always nice to get some drinks and snacks when you are on holiday so you can do this too even though you are staying in the hotel which has a restaurant on site. The supermarket is pretty big and it has everything for many diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc. It also has a wine shop. Your hotel is only 5 minutes walk from the small supermarket in Utsjoki, so its absolutely no problem if you need something in an emergency.

utsjoki hotel restaurant area

There is a microwave, kettle and coffee maker in the the hotel if you get the midnight munchies you can rustle something up.

It will be around 5.00 pm by the time we get you to the hotel and you will have been travelling non-stop all day, so we’ll leave you to settle into the hotel and have an evening relaxing after a hard day’s travelling. The aurora chasing begins on Tuesday evening. Of course if the aurora is overhead on Monday, we’ll whatsapp you! It’s important you relax the first night so you are fresh for the rest of the week, because we will be out chasing the light for 3 nights straight, and depending on the the aurora show, we could be out quite late each night, well into the early hours, so rest up and lets chase the aurora hard the rest of the week.

You have the daytime to yourself. Whether you want to go for walks, take up some of the activities we offer or just relax at the hotel reading a book. You can do anything you like, at your own pace. It’s especially good if you’re a photographer you can use the daytime to work on your previous nights aurora footage 🙂

Aurora chasing bus under the northern lights

If the skies aren’t clear at our site, we’ll hit the road in order to get under aurora.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm each evening (purposefully just after dinner time so your not chasing the lights on an empty stomach!), our aurora chasing tours begin. We will come and collect you from your cottage and go out chasing the lights for about 4 hours or more (depends how good the show is) each night. When we get back to the hotel, you can put some wood in the kota/fireplace and carry on watching the northern lights into the early hours at your own leisure, with a beer or a glass of wine in your hand.

Driving between Ivalo and Utsjoki in Lapland Finland

Not your average drive to the airport…

On the Friday morning we’ll come and collect you at about 9.30 am and take you back on the beautiful 2 hour drive to Ivalo airport.

Some of our optional daytime activities you can add on to your trip if you want:

Husky adventure in the Lapland wilderness

There is no better feeling than being pulled silently through nature by huskies!

Snowmobiling in Lapland

Our snowmobiling adventure is a nice gentle drive down frozen rivers and across frozen lakes, which often produces a few Reindeer sightings. It’s a great way to get off the beaten track and sample the Lapland wilderness.

If you want to do some of our optional winter activities in the day time, you can add-on to your holiday. Click here for more details.

The Price

Hotel – 3 nights €949 per person (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Hotel – 4 nights €1099 per person (Mon – Fri)
Kids under 11 are half price! 

-You only pay €100 (person) now to secure your place. The remainder is payable 1 month before arrival.

What you get:

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 2 nights aurora chasing 4-5 hours.
  • Free collection to and from Ivalo airport.
  • Free hot drinks and snacks while out aurora chasing.
  • Free snow suits and snow boots.
  • Free help and advice with your own camera.
  • Free aurora pics and video on a free pen drive we give you that we have taken on our pro cameras.

What isn’t included:

  • Flights are not included (we get people from every corner of the world, so it is impossible for us to arrange flights). Just get yourself to Ivalo airport in Lapland and we’ll do the rest.
  • Meals are not included. You can buy meals at the hotel or at the various restaurants in the area.

Our Utsjoki weekend tour dates 2023-2024 Aurora Season

Tour 1 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 3rd November – Monday 6th November 2023

Tour 2 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 10th Nov – Monday 13th Nov 2023

Tour 3 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 17th Nov – Monday 20th Nov 2023

Tour 4 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 24th Nov – Monday 27th Nov 2023

Tour 5 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 1st Dec – Monday 4th Dec 2023

Tour 6 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 8th Dec – Monday 11th Dec 2023

Tour 7 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 15th Dec – Monday 18th Dec 2023

Christmas Break

Tour 8 | New Years Weekend (3 nights) Friday 29th Dec – Monday 1st January 2024

Tour 9 |  Weekend (3 nights) Friday 5th Jan – Monday 8th Jan 2024

Tour 10 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 12th Jan – Monday 15th Jan 2024

Tour 11 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 19th Jan – Monday 22nd Jan 2024

Tour 12 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 26th Jan – Monday 29th Jan 2024

Tour 13 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 2nd Feb – Monday 5th Feb 2024

Tour 14 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 9th Feb – Monday 12th Feb 2024

Tour 15 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 16th Feb – Monday 19th Feb 2024

Tour 16 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 23rd Feb – Monday 26th Feb 2024

Tour 17 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 2nd March – Monday 5th March 2024

Tour 18 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 9th March – Monday 12th March 2024

Tour 19 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 16th March – Monday 19th March 2024

Tour 20 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 23rd March – Monday 26th March 2024

Our Utsjoki Asgard Tour Dates 2024-2025 Aurora Season

Tour 1 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 1st November – Monday 4th November 2024

Tour 2 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 8th Nov – Monday 11th Nov 2024

Tour 3 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 15th Nov – Monday 18th Nov 2024

Tour 4 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 22nd Nov – Monday 25th Nov 2024

Tour 5 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 29th Dec – Monday 2nd Dec 2024

Tour 6 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 6th Dec – Monday 9th Dec 2024

Tour 7 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 13th Dec – Monday 16th Dec 2024

Tour 8 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 20th Dec – Monday 23rd Dec 2024

Christmas Break

Tour 9 |  Weekend (3 nights) Friday 27th Dec – Monday 30th Dec 2024

Tour 10 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 3rd Jan – Monday 6th Jan 2025

Tour 11 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 10th Jan – Monday 13th Jan 2025

Tour 12 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 17th Jan – Monday 20th Jan 2025

Tour 13 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 24th Jan – Monday 27th Jan 2025

Tour 14 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 31st Jan – Monday 3rd Feb 2025

Tour 15 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 7th Feb – Monday 10th Feb 2025

Tour 16 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 14th Feb – Monday 17th Feb 2025

Tour 17 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 21st Feb – Monday 24th Feb 2025

Tour 18 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 28th Feb – Monday 3rd March 2025

Tour 19 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 7th March – Monday 10th March 2025

Tour 20 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 14th March – Monday 17th March 2025

Tour 21 | Weekend (3 nights) Friday 21st March – Monday 24th March 2025

For dates beyond this, if you are planning very far in advance, just click book now below and scroll forward through the booking calendar.

Secure your place on one of our tours now with only €100 deposit:

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If our tours are sold out and you have your heart set on coming, we recommend registering on the waiting list, where you will get advanced booking priority and notice of any cancellations. 

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