The #1 Tour Company in Lapland!

We are ranked #1 out of 200 tour companies in Lapland on TripAdvisor. We have been for 5 years running. We have received "Certificate of Excellence" awards for four years straight.

The most beautiful areas of Lapland

All our cottages are located outside of the towns, close to nature, with the clearest and darkest skies imaginable. We see much better northern lights displays than the "touristy resorts".

Our job is to get you under the aurora.

We take you out for dedicated aurora chasing in our top of the range luxury Mercedes minibuses if the skies aren't clear above your cottage location (which they quite often are!). With hot berry juice and snacks.

Welcome to the North.

We are the most northern dedicated aurora company in the EU.

Deep in the heart of Reindeer territory

Sami, the native inhabitants of Lapland make up a very large part of the Utsjoki region. Sami are famous for their Reindeer husbandry, and as such there are more Reindeers here than people!

Welcome to the #1 ranked northern lights company in Lapland.

Coronavirus info - We are business as usual. If you are reading this because you are looking for a safe place to see the northern lights next winter, I have made a full page explaining why we are the safest choice in these crazy times. Click to read.

We are the original northern lights holiday company. The multi-day aurora chasing cottage holiday was conceived by us. It is our business model. When we came up with it a few years ago, selling direct to customers (you guys!) instead of through a 3rd parties/travel agents, we totally broke the mould of the travel industry.

We are ranked the No.1 tour company in Lapland out of 200 companies on tripadvisor, and we have been for five years running. We have almost 700 glowing five star reviews, from customers who keep coming back, time and again. We have customers who are coming back for the 7th winter straight! We have received the coveted "Certificate of Excellence" for five years straight, meaning we really are exceptional in the way we handle things and most importantly, the way we treat people. Feel free to read our reviews here

We started life as a northern lights information service. Providing aurora forecasts, news and help on seeing the northern lights wherever you are in the world. We have helped many thousands of people see northern lights for the first time, so it was a really natural transition from helping people all around the world see northern lights, to helping people come to us to see northern lights.

So now you can come and stay with us and go out aurora chasing PERSONALLY with us in the evenings. We have made some very special northern lights holidays indeed.

At the extreme northern latitude of 70°North, we go chasing the northern lights around officially the most northern towns in the EU. We also go into Norway and occasionally even to the Barent's Sea where you simply cannot go any further north in continental Europe. Very few (if any) dedicated Northern Lights companies are this far north in Europe. Obviously because we are so far north, the chances of seeing the northern lights are considerably higher than most other areas of Lapland.

As we have been running our popular northern lights forecast website for some time, and due to our knowledge of the science behind auroras, we have been able to put together northern lights holidays that are a little bit special. We have hand picked EVERYTHING about our holidays from an aurora chasers perspective. From the locations, to the cottages, to the activities and everything in between. From the moment you step off the plane, we want to maximise your chances of seeing the northern lights.

So you are welcome to come and stay in one of our beautiful cottages located in Utsjoki, Finland. The holidays run for 4 nights/5 days Monday to Friday or you can choose our 3 nights/4 day holiday which run Friday to Monday. Or you could combine both for the ultimate 7 night aurora holiday!

For much more detailed information click the following links:

The Cottage(s)

The Cottage(s)
There was no way we were putting you in a hotel. It didn't even enter our mind. So we searched through thousands of cottages especially suited for aurora chasers, and eventually we struck gold. We hand picked these ourselves. They are a little bit special...

Getting Here

Getting Here
Flights aren't included in our tours. But we will pick you up and collect you fromt he airport for free. We have provided tons of information on flights, which airport to fly to, what flights to get etc..


Although we are concentrated on getting you under the aurora. Who says you can't have a bit of fun in the day times while you here :)
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